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Three Reasons to Choose Dermal Fillers for Voluminous Skin

By: Deanna Turner


The world of cosmetic injectables is vast, but dermal fillers stand out as a top choice for those seeking facial rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. Under the knowledgeable guidance of Deanna Turner at Lumé Aesthetics in Henderson, NV, clients can discover the transformative power of fillers for various facial regions. Let's delve into how different parts of the face can benefit from this versatile treatment.

They are ideal for giving cheeks a youthful lift

As the years roll on, we may notice a loss of volume in our cheeks, resulting in a somewhat sunken appearance. Cheek filler treatments offer a refreshing solution for facial rejuvenation:

  • Restored volume: Dermal fillers provide immediate volume to the cheeks, giving back that youthful plumpness.
  • Lifted appearance: Augmenting the cheeks can lead to a gentle lifting effect on the lower face, mitigating sagging.

At Lumé Aesthetics, we ensure that cheek filler injections strike the right balance between natural and noticeable.

They can take years off of your eyes

The delicate skin around our eyes often betrays our age first. Crow's feet, under-eye hollows, and shadows can prematurely age us.

  • Combat under-eye hollows: Fillers target these hollows effectively, rejuvenating the eye area.
  • Smooth out Crow's feet: These can be softened using fillers, especially when used in combination with other treatments.

Lumé Aesthetics offers treatments that can restore youthful vitality to the eyes.

They can create more luscious lips

Our lips can lose their fullness and contour over time. Using cosmetic injectables like dermal fillers, we can revive their natural allure.

  • Enhanced volume: They can bring back or enhance the volume of thinning lips.
  • Defined borders: Dermal fillers can sharpen the contours of the lips, focusing on the lip border or the Cupid's bow.

We strive for results that enhance natural beauty while preserving your features, ensuring your lips remain tastefully volumized.

What makes dermal fillers such an effective anti-aging treatment?

Dermal fillers are not just about targeting specific facial regions; they offer holistic benefits that underscore their popularity:

  • Versatility: From the forehead to the chin, fillers can address a wide range of cosmetic concerns.
  • Minimally invasive: With little to no downtime, they fit seamlessly into busy schedules.
  • Natural-looking results: When administered by an experienced and licensed aesthetician like Deanna, fillers provide results that harmonize with one's facial features.

Lumé Aesthetics stands out in delivering these benefits, all thanks to the dedication and expertise of our team.

Discover the magic of dermal fillers at Lumé Aesthetics

Faces age uniquely, and Lumé Aesthetics in Henderson, NV, has honed the art of using dermal fillers for anti-aging treatments designed to cater to individual needs. Led by Deanna Turner, our team offers meticulous, tailored treatments. If facial rejuvenation is what you're after, it's time to book a consultation at our med spa. Experience the transformative power of dermal fillers and step into a fresher, more radiant you.

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